Winchester Medical Center letterhead

Liza Vann may be a petite lady, but she had a big message to convey to the 300 participants at the Winchester Medical Center Foundation 2009 3rd Annual Pink Ribbon Luncheon held at the beautiful Shenandoah Valley Golf Club in Front Royal, Virginia.

Every person in the room was focused on the vibrant and spunky speaker at the podium who was sharing her experience discovering and dealing with breast cancer. Her main statement to the audience: when you find out you have breast cancer "do nothing". Silence crept through the room. Then Liza continued to explain that one needs to think and ask lots of questions before reacting. This she discovered to be a very important lesson for her. She also brought lots of laughter to the audience when reciting stories about growing up with 11 siblings. Could you imagine?

Liza was a great speaker and a very gracious lady. We all totally enjoyed her presence. Originally scheduled for our luncheon the prior year, she had a pressing engagement arise and had to bow out. She felt so bad about having to miss that year that she went ahead and scheduled to be at our next event a year in advance! I would definitely invite Liza to come back to our Pink Ribbon Luncheon.

Debbie Talley, MBA

Director of Development, Donor Relations
Valley Health