Cape Fear Regional Thatre letterhead

December 19, 2005

Dearest Liza,

Please accept our warmest and sincerest thanks to you for your repeat, fabulous performance of The Top of the Bottom Half on October 20, 2005.

Our audience members, many of them dealing with cancer, were moved and challenged to look at things from a new perspective. Staff members from the Friends of the Cancer Center and the medical professionals on our panel were pleased with the event and look forward to a continued partnership with Cape Fear Regional Theatre in the fight against breast cancer.

Your generosity in making yourself available to speak with audience members one on one and in small groups after the show was so valuable. Many waiting so expectantly to tell you their story or ask your advice and it was obvious that your words were a meaningful gift to each one.

Enclosed is a copy of a newspaper photo where we presented $1,500 to Friends of the Cancer Center. Your courage to share your story and to give of your time made this possible and we are ever grateful.

Warmest regards,

Laurie Cherry

Managing Director