What the Press have to say... HItler/Gandhi

“[Liza] Gave Us Wisdom... Kept Us Laughing... and Reminded Us That We Are All On The Same Journey.”

About Liza

Born in the South, the seventh of twelve children, Liza Vann addresses the most difficult of topics — including a brother's serious drug problem and her own non-traditional confrontation with breast cancer — with humor and intelligence.

One of Liza's original intentions for The Top of the Bottom Half was to help women "get smart about [breast cancer]." Liza achieves far more than this while taking her audience on a hilarious journey through the tragedies, triumphs and teachings of the seventh child. Whether Ms. Vann is giving advice on dating "If you are not going to marry the guy after three dates, don't date him again", raising children "Good intentions don't count after the age of six" or dealing with cancer "Cancer is not a gunshot wound. Both are serious, only one is urgent," Liza's outlook on life will raise eyebrows and answer questions.