What the Press have to say... HItler/Gandhi

“The Top of the Bottom Half is a
Piece That Connects With Everyone!”


In her one-woman show, Liza Vann
hits the stage with the words:

"I am the Keeper of All Knowledge.
I am the Meanest Woman on the Planet.
I am the 7th of 12 children.

There might be a connection.

Everything would have been fine if my friend, John, hadn't called. You wouldn't be here if my friend, John, hadn't called. But John called.

The 6th girl. The 7th child. The 7th of 12. Artie, Cissy, Susan, Ellen, Sarah, Gooche, Liza, Woody, Peter, Amy, John, and David also known as Doobie.

My parents raised kids in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. I have sisters who listened to Chuck Berry. I have a sister who listens to Pearl Jam. I don't know why my mother's head hasn't exploded.

We come in a top half and a bottom half. And I'm the top of the bottom half.

I share the middle with Gooche — I'll repeat that. I share the middle with Gooche — but I am absolutely the one equidistant in age. And I lived with everyone. Not everyone lived with everyone. By the time my brother, Doobie, was born, my brother, Art, was already in college. But I was in the center. And from the center, I saw each and every crisis. I am the eye in the hurricane of twelve. And I am asked a lot of questions. That's why I'm here. I'm beginning to think that's why I'm on the planet."

– The Top of the Bottom Half