What the Press have to say... HItler/Gandhi

Frequently Asked Questions
on the Show, Family, and Cancer

The Show:

  • 1) How long is it?
    • The live performance is 65 minutes + 25 min Q&A.
  • 2) Why is the video different?
    • The show is the same, but we edited the Q&A and included some of the audience response as well. In reality, the length of the combined performance plus Q&A is different every time. Some sessions last as long as 2 hours.
  • 3) Does that happen often?
    • Yes. I try to allow as much time as each audience needs. Even after the “formal” Q&A, there are usually a few individuals who have specific questions they prefer to ask privately.
  • 4) Why a Q&A?
    • I didn't design the show for Q&A, but from the first performance on, I was asked if I would do it, so it has become a part of the show package. Theaters and organizations choose: with or without. Most choose with.
  • 5) How long did it take to write?
    • Eight weeks for a strong first draft; six months of staged readings to redo & refine; eleven months to first public performance.
  • 6) Do you like the one-person show & have you done one before?
    • I haven't done one before; and yes, I do like it, even though my sister, Gooche, insists I have lost my mind.
  • 7) Would you do another one?
    • Usually the question is “When are you doing another one”. Now that the video is done, I’ve promised to start putting ideas on paper. Gooche continues to insist I have lost my mind.
  • 8) Was the video hard to do?
    • Yes and no. Yes, because I chose to tape live — no second chance. Also, it’s very hard to capture a ”live” performance of this kind and have the same energy level come through the screen. You are, in fact, performing for two different mediums, two different audiences. No, because in spite of that, I knew it was the best choice for the piece. No guts no glory.