What the Press have to say... HItler/Gandhi

Frequently Asked Questions
on the Show, Family, and Cancer


  • 1) Has your family seen it?
    • Ten (including me) siblings, both my parents.
  • 2) Do they like it?
    • Eleven for/ one against—there's always one.
  • 3) Are you like the Waltons?
    • We're more like the Addams Family meets the Waltons. I call us "the Thurber Family" (for James Thurber).
  • 4) Is "Gooche" your sister's real name?
    • She was christened "Mary Catherine" but called Gooche all her life. She's two years older than I am and was "Gooche" by the time I hit the planet. She changed it legally years ago.
  • 5) Were you close growing up and/or are you close now?
    • That depends on whom you talk to. I think we’re closer now, but not all my brothers and sisters would agree with me. Age factors in the most. Those closest in age are generally closest to each other.
  • 6) Do you all get along?
    • Right. Again, depends on whom you talk to. I get along with everyone, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everyone’s choices.
  • 7) Are you alike or different?
    • Yes. We have blondes, brunettes and redheads; brown eyes, green eyes, and 1 blue-eyed sister (guess who). We have republicans and democrats; church-goers and atheists. But we all love poolroom burgers, the lake, and Andy Griffith.
  • 8) How did your mom and dad raise 12 kids?
    • The way they tell it, they wanted 12 kids. Certainly the word "crazy" has to come to mind. Crazy. Tolerant. Funny. Patient. Loving. Forthright. Pragmatic. Remarkable. For starters.