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Frequently Asked Questions
on the Show, Family, and Cancer


  • 1) How scared were you when you were diagnosed?
    • Not at all. I never have seen much point in being afraid of things including cancer and, while we're at it, death.
  • 2) What are the biggest problems?
    • Speed, fear, language. Slow down; park fear outside the door; and get very clear on what is being said: what they say / what you hear and what you say / what they hear.
  • 3) How did cancer change your life?
    • It didn't. Cancer's job is not to make you realize how much you love your mother or to help you figure out if you believe in God. Cancer's job is to kill you; your job is to stop it. Save philosophical analysis for another time; stay focused on the job at hand.
  • 4) You didn't do this disease like most people; how did you know what to do?
    • Believe it or not, I limited my approach to fact gathering only. I call myself the "Joe Friday" of the disease. I used logic and common sense as much as anything else and never let anyone else make or adjust final decisions. It was my way or no way.
  • 5) Do you worry about getting cancer again?
    • No. I don’t worry about getting cancer any more than I worry about getting a cavity. I pay attention to my body and get regular checkups. Simple, but true.
  • 6) Has your view of cancer changed over time?
    • No. It was just a disease then, and it’s just a disease now. Mind you, it ranks. But those who speak the word ”cancer” in reverential tones are usually the worst at dealing with it — that includes doctors as well as patients. It’s just cancer; it’s not God.