As Seen In:

“M’Lynn” in CFRT’s Steel Magnolias

“Vann is a talented actress whose voice is unique and pleasant to listen to, warm and inviting. Her M’Lynn carries the weight of the dramatic scenes, and Vann comes through with the big emotional moments. She is an actress who thinks more than she shows, playing a character that does the same. She follows up ‘Steel Magnolias’ with a turn as Machiavelli’s wife in a play in New York [Marietta Corsini in Richard Vetere’s new play, ‘Machiavelli’] ... playgoers in New York are in for a treat.”

“Vann, a polished pro, is an excellent fit as M’Lynn. She carries the conflicted emotion of a mom balancing the wants of her daughter and the fearful certainty of what’s going to happen, finally cracking at the climactic fourth scene. Still, she can’t over play the emotion, and Vann did an excellent job, preventing M’Lynn from looking like a cold fish while keeping her emotions from totally crumbling at the end.”