As Seen In:

“Nicky” in The Smell of the Kill

“As Jay's wife, Liza Vann has the meatiest role ( pun intended ), which she revels in. She makes no apologies for her blatant mercenary streak — when her husband hollers for dessert, she whips up a marshmallow sauce and puts it over his golf balls —but still manages to make her outrages wickedly funny.”

“Nicky, played by Liza Vann, is edgy and bitter right from the start ; and, as she did in ‘Lying In State’, delivers some of the performamces best zingers. The play really begins to sizzle, and takes on a sophisticated ‘Desperate Housewives’ sheen.”

“Vann's Nicky has a very hard edge, a convincing sincerity when adding bug poison to the dessert. She turns the revolver on the hapless kitchen clock with undisguised authority. Electric timing and interaction keep the audience engaged, absorbed and amused.”

“Nicky [ Liza Vann ] is the blunt tell-it-like-it-is hostess. While the seasoned Michelle Lowe provides the script, the actors execute it flawlessly. The comedic timing, tension, and interaction is brilliant.”

“It is the performance of its three women cast that makes the evening a pure delight. These three women know how to set up a gag, punch up a punch line, and work together as an ensemble marvelously.”