As Seen In:

"Jean Morelli" in A Room of My Own

“Brash... wondrous... a story of ferocious devotion.”

“A truly hilarious memoir of growing up Italian-American in New York City.”

“The performers are all wonderful.“

“Liza Vann (Jean Morelli) brings gravitas to the piece with a steady hand. One feels her character’s purpose, resolution and pain. Vann imbues Jean with speech and mannerisms embodying her different life as much as anything scripted.”

“Rounding out the cast is the appealing Liza Vann as Peter’s sister, Jean.”

“This allows Liza Vann to show up in Act II, spar amusingly with Jackie (Mario Cantone)... and make the most of the role of Jean.”

“A surprise visit from the long estranged sister (Liza Vann) as the family is about to celebrate the New Year provides some much needed snap, crackle and pop.”

“Vann’s Aunt Jean is an elegant portrait of the one that got away.”

“The cast is A-1 and life just unfolds with the laughs and craziness.”

“The cast is well suited to their roles, and the dialogue is snappy and entertaining.”

“The cast is sensational. This is one of the best plays I have seen in a while.”