As Seen In:

“Diane Greer” in Poetic License

“Ms. Vann's Diane is queen of the bons mots and a joy to be around."

"(Liza Vann) delivers enough ironic one-liners to fuel a Noel Coward comedy."

"Liza Vann plays his wife, Diane, with waspish bravura….nearly everything she says is a witty zinger, all delivered with acidic relish and poise by Vann."

"The cast is uniformly wonderful, and…Vann exudes the refined cold comfort of a seasoned socialite, but also possesses the capacity for genuine love."

"As his wife, Diane, Liza Vann slashes through to what may be the role of her career."

"Liza Vann (Diane Greer) has a flair for deadpan delivery and excellent timing. Vann's body language and watchful gaze embody Diane's calculation when unvoiced. Loss of temper shows fascinating and credible exhilaration."

"The four actors in this production are all absolutely superb in their respective roles. Vann has perhaps the juiciest role of all and what are probably the best lines in the play – and she plays them for all they're worth."

"It's an exceedingly clever and entertaining one-act dramedy. Evan Bergman elicits nuanced performances from all four actors…. acerbic mom Diane (Liza Vann) dispenses barbs in between cocktails."

"Vann tosses off sarcasm with acid wit. Her Diane is also double sided; likeable and not-so."

"Davies excels as the self-effacing literary star….Equally convincing is Vann, the articulate, career strategist wife."