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“Vivacity Wilkes” in Iago
Best Actress in a Play, BroadwayWorld, 2016

IAGO, a true theatrical masterpiece.... With a brilliant and insightful script by the late James McLure and the splendid direction of the theatre's Artistic Director, Suzanne Barabas, it is a must-see show. The four person cast shines bright in this exquisite production. The cast masters James McLure's wonderfully crafted dialogue with impeccable timing...and Liza Vann is ideal as the beautiful and talented Vivacity.”

“James McLure’s sharply witty script offers up the kind of top-shelf dialogue and situations that actors live to embrace (plus measured doses of the Bard to boot), and the cast really sinks their teeth into the material...Liza Vann offers a 'Viv' who needs 'to be adored without question,'... As the Desdemona at the apex of the triangle, she’s equal parts dutiful spouse and dark-secrets depository; as flush with thoughts of escape from a stultifying marriage as she is wary of the uncertain journey ahead with ‘a very dangerous young man’....”

“There are several aspects to IAGO which showcase McLure’s genius; one is the manner in which it is not simply a play about a play within a play — it is also about the mind games that are involved in real life and within the characters’ minds in the play that they are staging. He shows the ultimate test and limits of love within a marriage and how an actor's career is sometimes more important to them than anything else... It has all the ingredients of a great play — it’s very funny, it’s dramatic; it has a love story and a sword fight! ...and NJ Rep has assembled a wonderful cast.”

“IAGO is unusual in that the two acts are a series of several short scenes, some only a few minutes long. We only glimpse the characters’ lives in snatches, but we know enough to fill in what we don’t see... Liza Vann’s Viv captures the fragility of the actor’s psyche.”

“Under the steady direction of SuzAnne Barabas, artistic director of NJ Rep, the play moves smoothly along... actors bring subtle nuances to their fine performances and Liza Vann admirably portrays Vivacity Wilkes.”

“The talented cast rightfully uses McLure's script as their prime resource, and while suggesting their famous inspirations, they wisely do not attempt to imitate them. IAGO is McLure's tribute to star-crossed lovers living and working in a star-struck theatreland.”

“In addition to Todd Gearhart and Liza Vann, the cast also includes Ezra Barnes and John FitzGibbon; all veteran actors who give performances that make this a very enjoyable play to see.”