As Seen In:

“Chelsea Thayer Wayne” in On Golden Pond

“...Somewhat unexpectedly, the Thayer's middle-aged daughter Chelsea (Liza Vann) turns up for a visit. A tense family dynamic quickly reveals itself. We learn that the daughter could never live up to her father's expectations. Although Norman can be a difficult guy to be around, [William]Christopher plays him in such a way that it's easy to see the warmth beneath the thorniness. [Bo]Thorp is equally strong as Ethel, incisively showing the loving bond the couple share, despite her — and Chelsea’s — exasperation with his orneriness. 'Golden Pond' is a funny, touching look at a couple in their golden years. And it wholly succeeds.”

“If you didn’t make it to the theatre to see this production, you missed the boat. Actors performing this show must walk a fine line between sentiment and comedy to render the sweetness of the story. [Bo] Thorp and [William] Christopher had a great balance….and the four other cast members, Liza Vann(playing the Thayer’s daughter, Chelsea), Greg King, (Chelsea’s boyfriend, Bill), Jonathan Flom (Charlie, the mailman), and Sean Thomas (Bill’s son), all did a fine job. As we left the theatre, I couldn’t help but wish the summer went on forever and that we wouldn’t have to say good bye to Golden Pond.”