As Seen In:

Liza / Principal in Good Ol' Girls (Off Broadway)

“You won't find a more entertaining 90 minutes of first-rate country music than the exuberant off‑Broadway revue, ‘Good Ol´ Girls’ !”

“Liza Vann, as an actress, has the most authentic look and sound, no small achievement in a cast that projects a totally convincing Southern vibe — but she does get to score with the lusty ‘Bad Debt.’ ”

“The cast could hardly be better… Lauren Kennedy, Sally Mayes, Teri Ralston, Gina Stewart, and Liza Vann are first-rate singers and actors. These great and not-so-old girls deserve to spread out in a better and bigger theater—and soon !”

“Vann excels at perspective tinged with feistiness.”

“The cast, which includes Sally Mayes, Lauren Kennedy, Teri Ralston, Gina Stewart, and Liza Vann, is a savvy group… these women, like the real-world ones to whom they’re paying tribute, can do anything!”

“These game gals are packing Red-Bull power in their lungs!”