As Seen In:

Liza / Principal in Good Ol' Girls (for CFRT and PBS)

“In most plays, there is usually some member of the cast who shines a little brighter than the others. That wasn’t the case. Each of the women brought a unique and important part of themselves to the production… each character portrayed resounded with ‘realness’. It didn’t seem as if they were acting, but rather that they were living the life of their characters. And, that’s when theatre shines. If a play can ever truly be called a masterpiece, this one comes close.”

“The cast, under the direction of CFRT artistic director Bo Thorp, performed energetically, with each given an opportunity to shine... it touches on all aspects of the feminine experience, including childhood, aging, sex
and death... a funny, insightful play that will appeal
to most good ol’ girls - and good ol’ boys as well.”