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“Bree Benson” in The Road To Damascus

“ ‘The Road to Damascus,’ written by Tom Dulack, builds a thick mood of intrigue... Liza Vann rounds out the able cast.”

“Like Clancy, Dulack has a keen sense of fanciful conspiracy, albeit from a liberal perspective. The play even comes complete with an evil war hawk villainess. NSA operative Bree Benson (Liza Vann) is a menace in a pantsuit and Republican lady hair. As performed by Vann, she strikes a more terrifying figure than any Alabama school board president. Her foulmouthed verbal barbs land with an awful sting. Amazingly, Vann makes a convincing case for her character's position, even if her look and sound is straight out of central casting. ‘Somebody can grab him and take him hostage,’ she sincerely frets over the AWOL Hobhouse. ‘How would that make us look if some trumped-up f*cking liberation front acting in the name of who knows what insane pack of religious fanatics ends up decapitating him on prime television for the whole f*cking world to see?’ After all of the ISIS carnage, it's hard to argue with her point.”

“The fine cast of seasoned actors make this political thriller a real happening and the characters are distinctive and interesting... Ted Bowles (Joseph Adams) and Bree Benson (Liza Vann) are NSA employees who lend a real insider view to political maneuvering. The incredible acting of this seven-person cast makes this play feel like events are in real time...This story has many layers, and you will reflect on it long after the curtain call.”

“All honor to Tom Dulack and his new play, ‘The Road to Damascus.’... The acting is flawless... This play is guaranteed to make you think.”

“The sterling company of actors—led by Liza Vann's foul-mouthed NSA agent Bree Benson—is the icing on a very entertaining, if unsettling, cake.”

“Liza Vann shines as Bree Benson, a ferocious and foul mouthed NSA agent ‘brought in by Hillary,’ a perfect exemplar of how politics becomes a game, and the players comfortably distanced from the tragedies and atrocities of their moves.”